Tonight, My Heart Sank

The night of the last US presidential election 

gave me a blow of shock and sorrow.


Countless nights followed thereafter

crunching the heart and splitting the head

no matter where I laid my body

in pursuit of an escape 

from the conscious state.


My heart 





The night came with a tsunami of knowledge 

that many will suffer days and nights 

the same way they have or even the worse


For my ears have heard the stories of struggles 

from the ones breathing and heaving


For what have come across me in person

is only a fraction of the entire country


For I know what’s really happening 

is so scary and disturbing 

that it would haunt me

and keep me up all night 


For I will think of real faces

when I hear the news of violence 

that will be carried out in a legal manner 

“for our lovely nation”


For my arms will remember 

the warm bodies and beating hearts 

of those who had embraced me 

with their own arms 


For the tip of my fingers 

desperately seek out words 

in the middle of a dark room

in search of some comfort


For I will soon return to another “United” land 

that is competing with this “United” land 

in who can more effectively torture their own people 

and winning it every single day


For surviving the oppression of my kind 

and coping with the oppression of other kinds 

will be so overwhelming that 

I will stop worrying about people I’ll have left behind



my heart 


for you. 


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